Music by Peter Vandrie & Orel Tamuz

When we were filming our documentary Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story in Tel Aviv, I saw a guy that I still knew from Amsterdam sitting on a bench. It was Peter Vandrie, an amazing musician, who had just moved there with his Israeli girlfriend. We had a beer and I told him about our film about Etgar Keret. 'What? Keret? That's my favourite writer!' he said. 'Let me make the music for your film with my friend (who's also an amazing musician) Orel!' So they did, worked very hard on their funky tunes and the music fits the film really well! Peter will even come to Amsterdam to do a short live show at Het Ketelhuis. So don't miss it and make sure you buy your tickets fast here:…/ketelhuis-forum-etgar-keret-…/2057

Special Screening of Oriental Odyssey

Tomorrow there will be a special screening of 'Oriental Odyssey'. My main character, Mattho Mandersloot is from Diemen and he is nominated for the Diemen-sportsman-of-the-year! Big applause.

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I'm making a lot of sketches for what has to become an animation in the documentary on Etgar Keret. Bought a box of charcoal, paper and started drawing some kind of storyboard. Feels good!


Doker Film Festival

Had a blast at Doker Film Festival! Got some really nice reactions and the audience was very interested and engaged. Also I brought my sister with me! Check her website here. She makes the best crazy costumes ever. 


Stella Foundation

Just made this video for Jaehoon Cho, who has a very ambitious plan to cycle from Kilimanjaro to Cape of Good Hope in order to fight depression in Korea. With amazing drone shots by Maarten Van Rouveroy. More information on

Designing 1000 Book Covers by Hand

Belgian Writer and friend Frederik Willem Daem wanted to design his own book cover, by writing down his name and the book title on all the 1000 copies of his book. I filmed him the entire day while he was working on it. It took him 12 long hours to complete this crazy job. 

Frederik Willem Daem

Filming in New York

First part of shooting the documentary about Etgar Keret is finished. We had an amazing week in New York and filmed the promotion tour Etgar did in New York and had talks with Ira Glass, Jonathan Safran Foer and Gary Shteyngart.