Just made a website for a scientist

Eveline Crone, a neuroscientist / psychologist, sometimes asks me to make something I usually don’t do. This time, it was a website. It worked out, thanks to the help of Kim Lewis and the animators Steggink & Steggink, who made GIFs for the site. And it’s really nice! If you want to learn about how brains work in adolescence and if you read Dutch, check it out.


Prix Italia and an Emmy nomination

Such a crazy weekend, yesterday we received this prize and a special mention in Capri and the day before we got nominated for an Emmy Award! Now I'm staying in this crazy luxurious hotel and just had pie for breakfast.


Great interview in Gatopardo

Another article in a Mexican magazine! I was interviewed by Joaquin Leon for the magazine Gatopardo, you can read the result here (in Spanish of course).


Two Prizes in Bulgaria!

We won two (TWO!) prizes in Bulgaria at the very nice Master of Art-Film Festival. 'Best documentary in Literature' and 'Best Debut'! In this picture you can see how happy we are. Also everybody, go visit Bulgaria once, it's a great country. 


Turkish interviews

Our film on Etgar Keret is going strong in Turkey now. We did a few interviews and answered in our best Turkish. 

Turkish Interview

Nog Een Week: Francisco

In de kinderdocumentaire-serie 'Nog Een Week' volgen we zes kinderen in de aanloop van een spannende gebeurtenis. Gisteren was mijn aflevering over Francisco te zien (188.000 kijkertjes!). Francisco is een Portugese jongen die kunstschaatser wil worden, maar het jammer vindt dat er zo weinig jongens zijn die ook kunstschaatsen, dus hup mannen, ga op kunstschaatsen! Het is fantastisch. 
Kijk de aflevering hier terug.


Taiwan, here we come

Soon, Rutger and I will be going to Taiwan (Chiayi) to show our film 'Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story'. Etgar Keret is very popular in a few countries scattered around the world and Taiwan is one of them. He himself has no idea why the people of this Asian country love his Israeli stories, but maybe we'll find out. Also we are very much looking forward to getting to watch this giant tower in Taipei. Please let us know if you have any tips!


Nog Een Week: Eowyn

De stoere Eowyn heeft cerebrale parese (haar hersenen sturen haar benen niet goed aan) en wil van een speciale school naar een normale school waar ze HAVO kan doen, zodat ze later gynaecoloog kan worden. Dit weekend waren we bij ZappLive om te praten over onze aflevering van 'Nog Een Week' die zondag te zien was op NPO3. Hier terug te zien. 


Nog Een Week

Afgelopen maanden heb ik met Anna Peeters en Marinka de Jongh aan de kinderdocumentaire-serie 'Nog Een Week' gewerkt en die is vanaf deze zondag iedere zondag om 19u25 (prime-time!) te zien op de VPRO. Mijn afleveringen gaan over de bijzondere Eowyn, die met haar beperking van een speciale school naar een normale school wil gaan, en over de heldhaftige Francisco, die als enige jongen van zijn school wil kunstschaatsen. Dus haal je kinderen van Youtube en zet ze voor de tv!


Interview in Time Out Tel Aviv

Time Out Tel Aviv did an interview with Rutger Lemm and me on our film about Etgar Keret. Unfortunately, we still can't read Hebrew, so we have know idea what they say. We've heard they are positive! If not, please, be quiet and keep us in our sweet dream... 
So, if you can read Hebrew, it's here
Also the screenings in Australia went very well if I may believe some very enthusiastic reactions on Facebook and in my inbox. 


Editing makes me miss Namibia

I am editing the footage I shot with my friend Jaehoon Cho for his Stella Foundation right now. I filmed his crazy idea to bike from the Kilimanjaro to Cape of Good Hope to raise awareness for depression in Korea. This beautiful landscape was in Namibia and makes me miss that beautiful country a lot!




Great article in Israeli press

Today The Times of Israel published a great piece about our film on Etgar Keret. You can read it here. I liked the title already: 'A hunt for the kernel of truth behind Etgar Keret’s stories'.
We had some very nice screenings at the Haifa Film Festival and we managed to organise extra screenings at the Cinematheque in Tel Aviv. Hopefully there will be more.
On this picture we were all together, from left to right: Gur Bentwich (filmmaker, interviewee and good friend of Etgar), then it's me, then Shira (filmmaker and Etgar's wife, so if you want to know the truth about Etgar, ask her), Rutger (my partner in crime), Etgar himself and Peter Vandrie (our composer). 


Nederlands Film Festival

I really like this piece about our screening of 'Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story' on the Dutch Film Festival. It's in Dutch, but here's a quote:

'Whoever we talked to after the screening, everybody was enthusiastic about 'Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story'. Like Nina: 'I thought this was the best movie of the day.' 

People in the Netherlands can still see it this Wednesday in De Balie.