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Great first reactions and reviews of the film

We had a week with some amazing reviews of the film in Dutch newspapers. Translated they sound like this:

"Funny, endearing and moving portrait of the fantastic Etgar Keret" - de Volkskrant
"Amazing documentary" - Het Parool
"Funny and mercilessly beautiful. Keeps hopping around in my head." - Micha Wertheim, comedian
"Original, imaginatively crafted documentary." - De VPRO Gids
"Playful and original. Really cool." -Henk van Straten, writer
"Funny and upbeat, but ultimately on a bed of the Holocaust past and the tough Middle Eastern reality." -De Groene Amsterdammer
"Wondrous documentary about a writer who promotes life." -Alma Mathijsen, writer
"Brilliant." -Nooit Meer Slapen, radio show
"Afterwards, you're guaranteed to feel happy. Really happy. And you want to read Etgar Keret's books." -Jaap Robben, writer

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